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Cease and Desist Notices Per Template

On the 22/02/2022 977 vaccination centers in New Zealand were emailed a cease and desist notice.

You can be part of NZ history by serving notices to these places in person!

STEP 1. PLEASE PRINT World Council for Health Cease and Desist notice.

Or if you prefer you can serve the New Zealand Doctors Speaking out with Science Notice of Liability. Click here.

STEP 2. Read the How to deliver instructions and then watch the 1 minute video below.

STEP 3. Choose the Vaccination address you want to serve from the table below by clicking on the LINK hyperlink. This will take you to a copy of the email that was served. Print this so you know where your going and attach this to the Cease and Desist notice. You can scan the 3D barcode on this page to open the email again.

STEP 4. SERVE THE NOTICE. Click on Served Column where it says Not Served, leave a link in the comments (sign in first) to the video or photo you have uploaded to the cloud. If you are unsure how to make a link from a video follow this guide here.

PS if the Vaccine Clinic you wish to serve is not listed here please contact us on

Filter by Area
Emailed toAddress for DeliveryLink to EmailLink for Served Docs
rx@unichemspitfire.nzUnichem Spitfire Square PharmacyLINKServed Chemist HornbyLINKNot Served Riccarton RoadLINKNot Served
anna.craw@cdhb.heath.nzMaui Clinic @ The Hub HornbyLINKNot Served
heiheipharmacy@gmail.comHei Hei Pharmacy LtdLINKNot Served Christchurch DoctorsLINKNot Served Rolleston Central PharmacyLINKNot Served Central HealthLINKNot Served Central PharmacyLINKNot Served Medical CentreLINKNot Served West Melton PharmacyLINKNot Served Te OraLINKNot Served PharmacyLINKNot Served Medical CentreLINKNot Served Wynyard StreetLINKNot Served Health CentreLINKNot Served RoadLINKNot Served Chain Hills HighwayLINKNot Served PharmacyLINKNot Served PharmacyLINKNot Served Benmore PlaceLINKNot Served Served Stantons PharmacyLINKNot Served Medical CentreLINKNot Served at Longhurst HealthLINKNot Served
rx@unichemspitfire.nzUnichem Spitfire Square PharmacyLINKNot Served Health Medical CentreLINKNot Served PharmacyLINKNot Served North Road Medical CentreLINKNot Served Cashel PharmacyLINKNot Served Road Medical CentreLINKNot Served Chemist PapanuiLINKNot Served Medical PracticeLINKNot Served Chemist NorthwoodLINKNot Served Warehouse PapanuiLINKNot Served
anna.craw@cdhb.heath.nzMaui Clinic @ South CityLINKNot Served SurgeryLINKNot Served Pharmacy HighstedLINKNot Served Warehouse Blenheim SquareLINKNot Served Crisps PharmacyLINKNot Served Medical CentreLINKNot Served Warehouse The PalmsLINKNot Served Medical CentreLINKNot Served
anna.craw@cdhb.heath.nzOrchard Road COVID-19 Vaccination HubLINKNot Served Warehouse South City Shopping CentreLINKNot Served Medical RoomsLINKNot Served
staff.remedyriccarton@gmail.comRemedy Pharmacy RiccartonLINKNot Served
pharmacyxtrachch@gmail.comPharmacy XtraLINKNot Served
anna.craw@cdhb.heath.nzDoctors On RiccartonLINKNot Served Pharmacy RiccartonLINKNot Served Healthcare Group LimitedLINKNot Served Brake StreetLINKNot Served Riccarton Medical CentreLINKNot Served
raythepharmacist@gmail.comAddington PharmacyLINKNot Served Bush Inn Pharmacy & Post OfficeLINKNot Served
anna.craw@cdhb.heath.nzWhanau Ora Community Clinic - Te WaipounamuLINKNot Served
anna.craw@cdhb.heath.nz256 Barrington StreetLINKNot Served Avon Medical CentreLINKNot Served
recep@menzmedical.comMenzMedicalLINKNot Served
chris.hipkins@ministers.govt.nzChristchurch Arena Drive Through SiteLINKNot Served Family DoctorsLINKNot Served
stans7daypharmacy@gmail.comStan's 7 Day PharmacyLINKNot Served Ferrymead PharmacyLINKNot Served Community Health CentreLINKNot Served Medical CentreLINKNot Served Pharmacy Ashburton SouthLINKNot Served
anna.craw@cdhb.heath.nzWaikari Health CentreLINKNot Served Springs Health CentreLINKNot Served Pharmacy RollestonLINKNot Served Community Health CentreLINKNot Served HealthLINKNot Served Pharmacy NorthlandsLINKNot Served Community Health CentreLINKNot Served
reception@akaroahealth.nz50 Aylmers Valley RoadLINKNot Served Pharmacy EastgateLINKNot Served Chemist & PostLINKNot Served Doctors Christchurch SouthLINKNot Served Pharmacy Church CornerLINKNot Served South Pharmacy (Hardings Pharmacy)LINKNot Served
stmartinspharmacy@gmail.comSt Martins PharmacyLINKNot Served HealthLINKNot Served PharmacyLINKNot Served Pharmacy Ashburton SouthLINKNot Served Prestons PharmacyLINKNot Served St PharmacyLINKNot Served Medical CentreLINKNot Served
reception@akaroahealth.nzAkaroa Health CentreLINKNot Served HealthLINKNot Served Pharmacy RangioraLINKNot Served Medical CentreLINKNot Served Corner DoctorsLINKNot Served Medical Corner PharmacyLINKNot Served
chris.hipkins@parliament.govt.nzAllenton PharmacyLINKNot Served DistrictLINKNot Served Served's PharmacyLINKNot Served Village HealthcareLINKNot Served
selwynpharmacy@gmail.comSelwyn Village PharmacyLINKNot Served PharmacyLINKNot Served
anna.craw@cdhb.heath.nzEtu PasifikaLINKNot Served
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